MuscleFood is a home of highly enriched protein healthy food which is tailored for all of the segments as per their lifestyle. MuscleFood deliver quality food, straight at the doorstep with an attractive deals and discounts through Muscle Food Discount Code.

MuscleFood has totally changed the way of people choice by offering healthy food online.  Launched in 2012, and within a span of one year, the customers are the biggest advocates of MuscleFood recipes.

We are trying to give some guidelines for our customers, which are the basic queries of customers while trying to order something from MuscleFood Delivery:

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The option is wide open for the customers. They can book the MuscleFood delivery as per their wish and they can choose the day when the food will be delivered.   Further details can be viewed at the delivery option available on the website.


You will received an SMS message on the day of the delivery which help you know when your order will be delivered and a confirmation message that it has been delivered.   Customer should make sure that they can their mobile number while placing the order.   However, you should take care of the factors of traffic jam or other reasons which are beyond the control of the drivers.

  • Customer will receive the following SMS notifications:
  • Confirmation of your order that the order is on the van for delivery on the day of delivery.
  • You order will be delivered within a specific two-hour time notification.
  • Confirmation that your order has been delivered once it is delivered successfully.


The delivery boxes are designed temperature controlled so that they can stay chilled for 24 hours which will make food super fresh at the time of the delivery.   Your order from MuscleFood will be received with:

  • High quality temperate controlled boxes – The boxes are made from closed cell non cross linked polyethylene which helps in keeping the meals fresh for 48 hours.
  • Hydrated gel ice sheets – The specially designed sheets are pre-cooled before putting your order which ensures the meat delivered chilled.  It helps keeping the meal as fresh as the day it was cut and can be reused.
  • Recycle & Reusable – All the packing has been designed for reused and recycle purpose.


All the MuscleFood meat is specially sourced from farms where animal welfare is available and hand-picked.

Beef – All free range, grass fed beef from a variety of British and Irish farms which ensures to offer the most competitive price to its customers.

Chicken – The chicken are picked from well renowned farms of European countries.   The chickens live in a breeding farm where they can run around freely.


Some customers noticed that when they open their chicken box, they notice an unusual smell.  This is just because the chicken has been vacuum packed which ensure that the product stays fresh.  This also means that MuscleFood don’t need to add salt, water or preservatives in chicken.

To avoid your concern, please leave the meat for 5-15 minutes after opening the box, after which, the smell is no longer be noticeable.