Friday, February 6, 2009

Someone get me a reader from North Dakota and Alaska

Like many bloggers, I'm interested in who's out there reading.  I use online tools out there to see reader statistics, Google Analytics and Feedburner are two of them.  One of my favorite features is in Google Analytics.  It displays a map showing where your readers come from.  Since July I've almost filled in the US map, except for North Dakota and Alaska.

I'm putting out a call, I'd like to fill in the US map.  Could one of you you please forward an article you found interesting to someone you know in North Dakota or Alaska?  I know I write mostly about transportation policy in the Washington, DC area and performance parking, but perhaps these subjects might be of interest?

Andrew Biggs on the principles of the Social Security program

The US Government can now borrow for free

The Economics of Gift Giving

How I started working out (and stuck with it!)

Social Security Tricks

Well, if anyone can help me out, thanks.

For your information, no personally identifiable information is tracked with the tools I use.  It's stuff like the date and time, how you got here (whether it's a google search or a referral from another site) what your network name is (e.g., "US House of Representatives"), what pages you looked at and how long you stayed, and what link (if any) you clicked to leave.  I don't share this information with anyone except for aggregate numbers like the total visitors for an article.

Feel free to post comments on anything I write.


K said...

I'd help you out if I could, but I don't know any folks in those states.

Good luck.